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PDXAA.COM launches Community Bulletin Board!PDXAA.COM launches Community Bulletin Board! -

PAI launches a new community bulletin board for area groups to post non-event related announcements, and posts a bogus announcement to demo the feature.  For more info see announcement on Portland Area Intergroup's website.

Posted on Sunday, December 11, 2011

About this Page

This section is for announcements from the Portland Area A.A. community.

Announcements are posted AS IS.  For more info on an announcement, refer to any contact info appearing in the announcement.


To have your groups' announcement appear here,  email with the TEXT and flyer in PDF format (Other formats are not portable enough to post reliably.)

Items appropriate for this page include: New meeting / changed meetings, calls for volunteers, relocation announcements and ongoing group activities.

Items which are NOT appropriate include: personal messages, complaints about your sponsor, pictures of your cat,  your boat, your civil war re-enactment group or anything non-A.A. related,  Submissions of that nature will be ignored to keep this feature aligned with PAI's purpose. 

If you have an announcement for a specific event, the EVENT Calendar is available as an alternative to an announcement on this page.

Announcements will expire automatically after 1 month.